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About Us

Talon Point is a division of Panhandle Children's Foundation, Inc., whose mission is to help Disabled and Disadvantaged Children in the Texas Panhandle Region who do not qualify for other assistance. As such, Talon Point's main purpose is to provide camp facilities for these Special Children! We host Christian Retreats, Weddings, Receptions, Family Reunions, Class Reunions, Fund Raisers and Corporate Events to name a few. Proceeds of these hosted events go to help provide camps for our Special Needs Children at no cost. Thank you for your support!

Camp Agape At Talon Point.


Beginning in 2010, Panhandle Children's Foundation began a relationship with Camp Agape based in Amarillo, Texas to sponsor a camp for Children with Special Needs. Since that first camp the word has gotten out about "Camp at Talon Point".

As of 2017, Talon Point is host to Four (4) camps a year; the original Camp Agape At Talon Point, Ace Camp At Talon Point, Camp Agape Junior (ages 3 to 12) and Camp Agape Teen (ages 13 to 17). Each of these camps have a waiting list of children wanting to come to Talon Point to ride horses, sing, dance and enjoy being together.

Area Schools Day Camps.


Beginning in 2013, Panhandle Children's Foundation began reaching out to area Schools offering Day Camps to their Life Skills, Functional Living and Specialty classes. Numerous schools have participated in this activity at no cost to the school or parents. We continue to reach out to area Schools and welcome your suggestions.

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